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Remote Connection

The CPS-Remote connection is a remote desktop system that allows you to connect your computer at home to work. This means that you can work on documents from home.

How to access CPS Remote Connection

Firstly you will need to download the remote connection file at the buttom of this page.

Click here to download the remote connection file.


One you have downloaded the remote connection file,

Click the Connect button.

You will then be prompted for your local network authentication.

Windows Vista and XP users

If you are logging in from a computer running Windows XP or Vista, simply enter your USO username (including the numerical LA suffix) and your USO password. Then click OK.


Windows 7 Users

If you are logging in from a computer running Windows 7 you must enter a domain in front of your USO username.

You should therefore enter rdp\yourusername.123 and then enter your usual USO password in the box below. Click OK.

  • Without the rdp\ prefix your login will NOT be successful on Windows 7 machines.


  • Once you have logged in and a connection has been made to the server inside the school you will need to log in again, this time using the details you normally cps login details (e.g. firstname.surname) to log on to the school computers.


Do I need the internet to use this system?
Yes - you will need a broadband connection to use this system.

What operating system do I need?
The remote connection has been tested on Windows and Apple Mac PCs

Will it harm my computer?
No - The system has been fully tested.

Is it secure?
Yes - The software has an encryption and is connected through a secure line.

Can I transfer documents from my home pc to work using it?
At the moment No - However we do hope to have this facility soon.

Can I access my work documents?
Yes - using the remote connection you can.

Download CPS Remote Connection

Click on the download link and select save file.