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Pupil Well-being

The well-being of our pupils is crucial to both their personal and academic development. 

If pupils have a worry or concern they can:

  • Put a note in the class worry box
  • Speak to their class teacher or teaching assistant
  • Speak to any member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Speak to a midday assistant
  • Book a Time2talk session


Pupils have explored and are encourage to think about the 5 Ways to Well-being.

Here are some ideas of how you can fit the 5 ways into everyday life for primary school children aged 5 to 11.

Keep active

  • dance to your favourite song
  • walk a dog
  • hula hoop
  • join a sports team
  • play a game in the playground
  • walk or cycle to school
  • help in the garden
  • run a race with friends
  • make up your own sport

Take notice

  • look what you can see out of your window and how it changes
  • paint or draw a picture of what you've seen today
  • think about how you are feeling today
  • listen to the sounds of nature like the wind and rain
  • play I spy
  • notice how your friends or family are feeling today


  • talk to your friends and family
  • help a friend or neighbour
  • eat a meal with your family
  • make a new friend
  • say hello
  • bake some cakes and share them

Keep learning

  • learn a new word each day
  • visit a museum or art gallery
  • try out a musical instrument
  • do a word search
  • try a new food
  • learn to cook a new recipe
  • study an animal or bug
  • visit a new place
  • write a story or song


  • smile and say thank you
  • make a homemade present or card for no reason
  • hold a door open for someone
  • give someone you love a hug
  • send your old toys to a charity shop
  • share with others
  • help around the house - wash the dishes or do some dusting
  • listen to someone else and how they are feeling