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We aim to foster a positive attitude to the learning of mathematics and to help children enjoy Maths activities. 

Throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 we move from a ‘to do is to understand’ practical approach to a very good well-structured Maths curriculum which has been devised and written by the staff.  This covers the wide range of areas stipulated by the National Curriculum and enables the children to grasp the fundamentals of number, measurement, shape and algebra and to develop logical thinking.  The importance of linking mathematical vocabulary with language development is also stressed. 

At Year 2 the children are supported in their learning in Maths sets where the work is planned according to their needs and abilities.

At Key Stage 2 the children continue to develop their skills in mathematics.  They are introduced to a maths curriculum that supports the work planned and taught both in sets and in the classroom. 

There are many ways you could help your child to develop their maths at home, for example number games, maths in cooking and the use of educational websites.

It is also important that children have a rapid recall of multiplication tables which can be learnt both at home and in school.  It is essential that children develop speed and accuracy in their mental calculations to help them with written work throughout their school years and then in later life.

Maths homework is given appropriate to the Key Stage and to the needs of individuals to enable parents and teachers to work in partnership.  The activities are designed to extend class work and enhance your child’s learning.  The tasks are intended to be a shared activity between you and your child and we welcome your comments about the homework.

Education is a partnership of child, school and family.  Please support your child with any aspect of work they may bring home to do as homework.

Click on the link below to download a copy of a parents booklet that will give you useful guidance on the calculation strategies we use in school: 

Mathematics Booklet for Parents  PDF icon